Inside Austin’s Celebrity Glamping Resort –

Austin’s 7744 Ranch offers a unique glamping experience with a celebrity twist. The 10-acre park features mammoth two-story recreation vehicles previously owned by major celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, and Simon Cowell. Owners Ron and Natalie Anderson, with a history of renting buses and trailers to the rich and famous, transformed the RVs into luxurious accommodations for guests to enjoy. The pandemic led to a shift in their business, prompting them to repurchase units from major names and open the resort in November 2022. With unique features reflecting their previous owners, these RVs provide an exclusive and relaxing getaway for visitors wanting to escape to a private place in the woods.

Summery :

– A glamping park in Austin called 7744 Ranch features two-story RVs previously owned by numerous celebrities
– The owners were in the business of renting buses and trailers to the rich and famous in the 1980s and 1990s
– The pandemic led them to purchase back some of the units and create a resort priced at $295 a night
– The RVs are extremely luxurious and suited to the needs of the previous owners who used them for work
– Although some RVs needed remodeling for public use
– Customers who visit the ranch are looking to relax and enjoy private accommodations in the woods

Image Credit : The Hollywood Reporter

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