T.J. Holmes

T.J. Holmes is a renowned journalist known for his work on Good Morning America. However, his personal life has also captured attention due to his two marriages. His first marriage was to Amy Ferson which lasted until 2007. They had two children together. T.J. then married Marilee Fiebig in 2010 and praised their relationship for changing him in multiple positive ways. However, their marriage eventually ended in 2022, and T.J. admitted to being in the midst of a divorce when photos of him with Amy Robach caused a scandal. Marilee has since reached a divorce settlement with T.J. and has reportedly begun seeing Amy’s ex, Andrew Shue.

Summery :

– T.J. Holmes, journalist and former Good Morning America anchor, has been married twice and recently went through a high-profile divorce from second wife, Marilee Fiebig
– Was in a relationship with co-host Amy Robach and both were released from GMA, subsequently splitting from their respective partners
– T.J.’s first marriage to Amy Ferson ended in 2007, after having two children together
– Second marriage to Marilee Fiebig also ended in divorce, leading to T.J. praising Marilee in public statements
– Marilee is now dating Amy’s ex, Andrew Shue, and has moved on from the divorce
– T.J. and Marilee reached a divorce settlement in October 2023

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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