Mickey Guyton

Country singer Mickey Guyton’s love life with husband Grant Savoy has been full of ups and downs, which she openly shares on social media. The couple met through Mickey’s best friend in 2010, with Mickey admitting that she initially pushed Grant away due to past hurt. However, their connection proved to be strong as they eventually fell in love. Grant is a successful lawyer and the couple got married in 2017 in a small beachside ceremony in Hawaii. They welcomed their son, Grayson, in February 2021. Mickey regularly expresses gratitude for their love and the strength they’ve gained from overcoming tough times together.

Summery :

– Mickey Guyton and her husband Grant Savoy have a strong relationship
– They met through a mutual friend in 2010
– Grant is a lawyer and a managing partner at a law firm
– They got married in Hawaii in 2017
– They have a son named Grayson born in February 2021

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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