Andy Borowitz Out at The New Yorker Amid Cost Cutting and Layoffs –

Satirist Andy Borowitz has been let go from The New Yorker as part of the cost-cutting measures at Condé Nast. Borowitz, a contributor to the magazine since 1998, has written his satirical column, the Borowitz Report, since 2001. His departure marks a significant change for the publication, as he has been a staple for the magazine and has participated in events like The New Yorker Festival. The layoffs at Condé Nast, which also included former Condé Nast Entertainment president Agnes Chu, demonstrate that the company is making significant changes to adapt to the evolving media landscape. These changes indicate that no longstanding contributors are exempt from the cost-cutting measures.

Summery :

– The New Yorker has parted ways with longtime contributor Andy Borowitz
– This is part of cost-cutting efforts by Condé Nast
– CEO Roger Lynch has announced layoffs across the company
– The New Yorker traditionally avoided cost-cutting
– Borowitz has been writing for The New Yorker since 1998
– Other long-tenured staffers are also leaving the company
– This is a sign that Condé Nast is making significant changes to meet the times and cutting costs across the board

Image Credit : The Hollywood Reporter

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