The alleged stalker of actress Drew Barrymore is now facing a warrant out for his arrest. The individual in question has been accused of stalking the Hollywood star and causing her significant distress.

Barrymore, known for her roles in films such as “E.T.” and “Charlie’s Angels,” has had encounters with this stalker dating back several years. The persistent nature of the individual’s actions, combined with the fear it has instilled in Barrymore, has led to the escalation of the legal pursuit.

Law enforcement officials have been actively involved in investigating the case, closely monitoring the alleged stalker’s activities. The warrant for arrest was issued as a result of accumulated evidence against the individual, including testimonies and documentation of his stalking behavior.

While the details of the alleged stalker’s identity have not been disclosed to protect the privacy of the actress, it is apparent that the arrest warrant indicates a significant step towards resolving this distressing situation for Barrymore. Hollywood stars often face challenges with obsessive fans, and this case illustrates the importance of taking such matters seriously to ensure the safety and well-being of those targeted.

Summery :

– Drew Barrymore’s alleged stalker, Chad Michael Busto, has a warrant out for his arrest.
– Busto failed to show up to get a GPS monitor from authorities.
– A judge issued a bench warrant for Busto in connection with his arrest last month.
– Busto was arrested after showing up uninvited to Barrymore’s Hamptons home.
– He was set to get fitted for a GPS monitor but never showed up.
– The police are looking to apprehend him again.
– Busto went house-to-house in Barrymore’s neighborhood before finding her property and walking onto the steps.
– Drew Barrymore was not home at the time.
– Busto also rushed the stage during a 92NY interview with singer/actress Reneé Rapp, demanding to see Drew.
– There were no complaints from that incident, but the police are now actively looking for Busto.

Image Credit : TMZ

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