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James Bond fans and car enthusiasts alike will be thrilled to learn that the iconic Aston Martin V8, driven by Timothy Dalton in the 1987 film “The Living Daylights,” is going up for auction. The legendary vehicle will be featured at the Monterey Car Week in California, and it is expected to fetch a hefty sum.

The Aston Martin V8, a symbol of elegance, power, and sophistication, has become synonymous with the fictional British spy. From the classic DB5 to the more recent DBS V12, Aston Martins have always been the perfect choice for Bond’s high-octane pursuits. However, the V8 in “The Living Daylights” holds a particular allure due to its association with Dalton’s incarnation of the secret agent.

This stunning car boasts a silver exterior and a luxurious black leather interior, providing the perfect backdrop for Bond’s daring escapades throughout the film. Powered by a 5.3-liter V8 engine, this Aston Martin can reach speeds of up to 160mph, making it an essential asset for any aspiring secret agent.

The auction at Monterey Car Week promises to be a fiercely competitive event, with collectors and enthusiasts vying for the chance to own a piece of cinematic history. Bidders will have the opportunity to own not just a remarkable vehicle but also a key part of the James Bond legacy. With the franchise celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, this Aston Martin V8 is a testament to the enduring popularity and timeless appeal of the world’s most famous spy.

Whether it’s the nostalgia of the Dalton era or the allure of owning the very car that graced the silver screen, one thing is for sure: the Aston Martin V8 from “The Living Daylights” will undoubtedly become the prized possession of an astute collector who appreciates the legacy of James Bond, as well as the unparalleled beauty and power of this exquisite automobile.