Issa Rae, the well-known star of the show ‘Insecure,’ recently faced a mispronunciation of her name during a live interview. The moderator, Glenda McNeal, introduced her as “Ih-suh” instead of the correct pronunciation, “Ee-suh.” The audience quickly corrected McNeal, causing a moment of surprise for both McNeal and Rae. McNeal apologized for her mistake, emphasizing that she meant no harm and was a part of the Black community herself. While this incident may seem minor, it reflects a growing intolerance for perceived disrespect, especially towards beloved celebrities like Issa Rae. In any case, you can watch the full interview for more interesting insights from Issa Rae.

Summery :

– Issa Rae was mispronounced as “Ih-suh” instead of “Ee-suh” during a live interview at the CultureCon conference in NYC.
– The audience quickly corrected the mispronunciation and McNeal apologized for her mistake.
– Issa Rae found the situation hilarious.
– This incident shows that perceived disrespect is no longer tolerated, especially for popular celebrities like Issa Rae.
– The full interview is available for viewing.

Image Credit : TMZ

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