Bam Margera has finally been granted monitored visitation with his son, Phoenix. The former “Jackass” star recently hit a major milestone in his sobriety, surpassing 100 days sober. As a result, the judge in his divorce case has decided to allow Bam to see his son with a professional supervisor present. Bam’s attorney confirmed that he has plans to visit Phoenix for Christmas and his birthday, and he is bringing a sack full of presents for his son, whom he hasn’t seen in over 200 days. This development comes after legal drama prevented Bam from giving Phoenix $5,000 worth of gifts that he had purchased for him.

Summery :

– Bam Margera has been granted monitored visitation with his son, Phoenix
– He hasn’t been informed about any potential dates to see his son
– He plans to visit Phoenix for Christmas, along with the kid’s birthday
– He has only been allowed FaceTime calls with Phoenix up until now
– He has purchased $5,000 worth of gifts for Phoenix
– Bam recently hit over 100 days sober, and the decision to grant him visitation is believed to be due to his sobriety.

Image Credit : TMZ

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