Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish recently confirmed her attraction to women during a Variety Power of Women cover story interview. Her comments caused confusion about her sexuality among the public, but she later clarified in an interview at Variety’s Hitmakers event. She stated that she didn’t make a grand gesture of coming out because she thought it was obvious. Billie also shared that she has deep connections with women and is physically attracted to them. Additionally, she opened up about struggling with gender identity, admitting that she has never felt like a woman and has to convince herself that she is a pretty girl. This revelation sheds new light on Billie Eilish’s personal life and experiences.

Summery :

– Billie Eilish confirmed in a recent interview that she is attracted to women
– There was confusion about her sexual orientation, but she confirmed at the Variety Hitmakers event
– She talked about her attraction to women and struggles with gender identity in the original interview
– She did not make a grand gesture of coming out, and didn’t realize people didn’t know about her orientation

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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