Billie Eilish recently made a public statement about her attraction to women, confirming that she did indeed come out. The singer, known for her hits such as “Ocean Eyes” and “Bad Guy,” clarified her statement at a recent Variety-sponsored event. In a recent cover story for Variety, she confessed her love for women, leading to speculation about her coming out. However, in a follow-up interview, Billie Eilish confirmed that she was revealing something about her sexuality, indicating her participation in the LGBTQ+ community. Despite this, she expressed discomfort with labeling herself, stating that she loves both women and men. Ultimately, her statement has brought awareness and excitement to many people.

Summery :

– Billie Eilish confirmed that she was attracted to women
– She recently came out as attracted to women
– She opened up about coming out in a Variety cover story
– Billie said that the cover story served as a coming-out moment for her
– She also addressed accusations of queerbaiting in the past
– Billie prefers not to label herself, but confirmed she is attracted to women
– She has also publicly dated men in recent years
– Billie Eilish hopes that her sexual identity isn’t a big deal to people
– She is appealing to women who are attracted to other women
– Billie Eilish confirmed that she is into chicks and is a catch.

Image Credit : TMZ

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