Blueface’s mom, Kali, recently took to social media to address the controversy surrounding her son’s remarks about having sexual relations with his cousins. Clarifying the situation, In a now-deleted Instagram live video, she explained that Blueface’s choice of words was taken out of context and blown out of proportion.

Kali insisted that Blueface was referring to close family friends and not blood relatives. She emphasized that despite the controversial comment, she raised her children with strong values and disciplined them to make responsible decisions. Kali expressed her disappointment in the negative backlash that her family has faced due to misinterpretation.

In the same video, Kali also addressed allegations made by Chrisean, a woman claiming to have given birth to Blueface’s child. Kali vehemently denied these claims, stating that Chrisean was attempting to tarnish her son’s image for personal gain. She urged her followers not to believe everything they hear without verifying the facts.

In conclusion, Kali’s clarification sheds light on Blueface’s remarks about his cousins, asserting that the comment was misinterpreted. She also refutes the allegations made by Chrisean, defending her son against false accusations. It’s essential to refrain from jumping to conclusions and ensure that all facts are thoroughly examined before passing judgment.

Summery :

– Blueface’s mother clarifies that Blueface and Chrisean Rock are probably not cousins
– Blueface’s mother thought they might be related due to their shared last name, but after further research, she no longer believes they are related
– Blueface’s mother still wants a DNA test done just to be sure
– Blueface’s mother defends him for not being present at the birth, accusing Chrisean of not giving him a heads up and bolting to Maryland to give birth
– Blueface’s mother criticizes Chrisean for the baby’s name
– Blueface’s family has a reality show in the works, and Chrisean will likely be a topic of discussion
– Blueface’s mother supports him despite their past conflicts
– It doesn’t seem like Blueface and Chrisean will be having a big family dinner together in the future.

Image Credit : TMZ

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