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Jada Pinkett Smith, known for her roles in movies like Collateral, recently opened up about her struggles with depression and feelings of hopelessness. Despite appearing to have a perfect life with a loving family and successful career, Jada revealed that she has experienced deep despair and bouts of depression. In her memoir, “Worthy,” she shared her journey of hiding her struggles behind a façade of happiness. Jada admitted that she had spent years pretending to be okay until her feelings of unworthiness and disconnect overwhelmed her. The memoir, set to release on October 17, sheds light on the complex trauma and PTSD that Jada has been dealing with.

Summery :

– Jada Pinkett Smith revealed in an excerpt from her memoir that she has struggled with depression and feelings of hopelessness.
– Despite her seemingly perfect life and loving family, Jada experienced deep despair and felt disconnected from her achievements.
– She hid her struggles for two decades, but it eventually became too much for her.
– Jada sought help and was diagnosed with complex trauma, PTSD, and dissociation.
– She still battled feelings of depression despite having a loving relationship, harmony, and a lavish lifestyle.
– Her children were her motivation to keep fighting, even though she felt conflicted with seemingly having it all.
– Jada’s memoir, “Worthy,” will be released on October 17th.

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