Brandi Mallory

Brandi Mallory, popular for her appearance on ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss,” has tragically passed away at the age of 40. The official cause of death reported obesity complications, along with an enlarged heart and elevated blood indicators suggestive of prediabetes. The autopsy revealed no recent injury or foul play, with trace amounts of marijuana and alcohol in her system, but neither contributing to her death. Mallory was found in an Atlanta strip mall parking lot, and had previously discussed her weight struggles and fear of dying due to obesity. The reality star originally applied for “The Biggest Loser,” and had a strong social media presence. Her untimely death is a tragic loss.

Summery :

– Brandi Mallory, star of Extreme Weight Loss, died of obesity complications
– Autopsy revealed factors such as her weight, an enlarged heart, and elevated blood indicators
– There was no sign of foul play and trace amounts of marijuana and alcohol did not contribute to her death
– Concerned onlooker called 911 after noticing her body hadn’t moved
– Mallory gained popularity after competing on season 4 of Extreme Weight Loss
– She originally applied to be on The Biggest Loser but was switched to Extreme Weight Loss
– Mallory was inspired to go on the show after the death of her sorority sister at 29, and expressed fear that she might also die due to her weight.

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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