Britney Spears

Britney Spears shared heartfelt throwback photos of her two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden, alongside her father Jamie. The photos come amid reports that Jamie, 71, had his leg amputated after a serious infection. In the Instagram post, Britney can be seen carrying her sons and pushing them in swings, as well as her father helping out with his grandsons. This comes after Britney broke free from the 13-year-long conservatorship headed by her father, which she described as abusive. The family seems to have reconciled, with Britney’s mother and brother supporting her during her tumultuous time. Jamie Spears’ health issues continue to be a concern for the family, with reports of multiple surgeries and an amputation.

Summery :

– Britney Spears shared throwback photos of her two sons and her father, Jamie Spears
– Jamie Spears recently had his leg amputated after a serious infection
– Britney shared photos of her carrying her children and Jamie accompanying his granddaughter
– Jamie Spears was hospitalized with a bad infection and later had his leg amputated
– Britney and her father have been estranged for years due to her conservatorship, which she broke free from in November 2021

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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