The ongoing controversy surrounding alleged racism within the Royal Family has taken a new turn with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry being encouraged to defend King Charles against accusations of being a “Royal racist.” Reports from The Telegraph have revealed that sources close to the Royal Family are calling on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to speak up in support of Charles. This comes after Piers Morgan identified Charles and Kate Middleton as the senior Royals allegedly named in a new book regarding racist remarks about Archie’s skin color. Meghan had previously hinted at these allegations in an interview with Oprah, and even wrote letters to Charles addressing the issue. Despite the Palace’s alleged silence when Meg’s name was being dragged through the mud, some find it ironic that now they are seeking support from Harry and Meghan. The controversy has reignited discussions around racism within the Royal Family and has sparked a new wave of public interest. This ongoing saga continues to raise questions and doubts about the true nature of the relationship between the Sussexes and the Royals.

Summery :

– Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are being encouraged to speak up on behalf of King Charles after he was named as one of the alleged “Royal racists”
– The Telegraph cites sources close to the Royal Family as calling on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to defend Chuck amid renewed claims of racism
– The other senior Royal who allegedly made remarks about Archie’s skin color was Kate Middleton
– Meghan brought up these alleged remarks in an interview with Oprah
– There is a revelation that the people who allegedly made the comments about Archie’s skin surfaced in correspondence with Charles that leaked in the Netherlands
– Harry has pushed back on the racism accusations, and Meghan and Harry once sought the Palace’s help when they first got together
– The Palace and/or Chuck’s inner circle now wants Meghan and Harry to go to bat for him
– The “racism” storyline has been reignited thanks to Omid Scobie and Piers Morgan

Image Credit : TMZ

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