Cardi B, the Grammy-winning rap artist, made headlines once again during her recent performance in Las Vegas. However, this time it was not because of her electrifying stage presence or chart-topping hits, but rather an unexpected incident that left her feeling both angered and victorious.

During her performance, Cardi B abruptly ended her set after a fan allegedly threw ice at her on purpose. Frustrated with the disrespectful act, the artist decided to throw her microphone into the crowd, making a bold statement that she would not tolerate such behavior.

In an interview following the incident, Cardi B expressed her dismay regarding the ice-throwing incident, defending her actions and claiming that she did what she believed was necessary in that moment. While some may argue that her response was unwarranted, many of her loyal fans rallied behind her, understanding her frustration and supporting her stance against disrespectful behavior.

Cardi B’s decision to throw her microphone may have been impulsive, but it undoubtedly sent a clear message that she demands respect as an artist and as a person. Despite the incident, Cardi B remains grateful for the overwhelming support from her fans and vows to continue delivering unforgettable performances for her beloved Bardi Gang.

Summery :

– Cardi B is speaking out about the incident where she threw a mic in Las Vegas
– She initially stayed quiet because she thought she would go to jail
– She was cleared of any charges in August
– Cardi asked the crowd to splash her with water, but someone threw ice at her face
– She retaliated by throwing the mic
– She claims she saw the woman intentionally aiming for her face and has no regrets.

Image Credit : TMZ

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