Casey Wilson Says Tim Allen Was “Rude” on ‘The Santa Clauses’ Set –

Tim Allen has recently been accused of being “so rude” on the set of the Disney+ series, The Santa Clauses, by his former co-star Casey Wilson. The Saturday Night Live alum made the allegations on the Bitch Sesh podcast, revealing that her experience working with Allen was the worst she has ever had with a co-star. Wilson recounted an incident where she was filming a scene with Allen and he complained to the producer about her stepping on his lines. She also mentioned that everyone on set seemed to be walking on eggshells around Allen, and that he was “so rude” and “uncomfortable” to work with. Allen’s rep has yet to respond to the accusations.

Summery :

– Casey Wilson accused Tim Allen of being “so fucking rude” on the set of Disney+ series The Santa Clauses
– Wilson’s experience filming the show was described as the worst ever with a co-star
– The incident occurred during a scene where Wilson was supposed to throw things at Allen
– Allen was reported to be demanding and rude, with people walking on eggshells around him
– Allen’s behavior was described as uncomfortable and he left the set abruptly
– The first two seasons of The Santa Clauses are currently streaming on Disney+

Image Credit : The Hollywood Reporter

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