Charlamagne Tha God recently spoke out about the importance of artists hiring professional security guards instead of relying on their own entourage, following an incident involving rapper Nardo Wick’s crew. Nardo Wick’s entourage brutally attacked a fan seeking a selfie, prompting Charlamagne to emphasize the need for a trained and professional security team. Charlemagne stressed the importance of security making wise decisions in times of danger, highlighting the lack of proper training in Nardo’s crew. DJ Envy also advocated for top-notch security, especially in protecting valuable items and personal safety. Nardo has since apologized to the victim’s family, but only time will tell if it will be enough to avoid legal action. The issue was discussed on the latest episode of Verified podcast.

Summery :

– Charlamagne Tha God advises Nardo Wick to hire legitimate security guards after his crew beat up a fan
– The incident occurred after a show in Florida and the victim’s family has lawyered up
– Security’s job is to make wise decisions in times of danger and threats, which Nardo’s crew lacks the training for
– Artists need to audit their entourages to ensure everyone has a role and purpose
– DJ Envy also advocates for top-notch security for artists
– Nardo Wick has apologized to the victim and his family, but it’s unclear if it will prevent lawsuits

Image Credit : TMZ

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