Clayton Echard

Clayton Echard, a former contestant on The Bachelor, has once again denied being the father of unborn twins. Echard took to Instagram to share a video claiming that a paternity test he was forced to take confirms he is not the father. He expressed relief that the test came back with little to no fetal DNA present and thanked his fans for standing by him throughout the ordeal. However, the anonymous woman involved in the paternity dispute has disputed Clayton’s claims, stating that the testing is still ongoing due to an issue with her sample. This situation follows previous false accusations made against Clayton in the past. Despite the ongoing drama, Clayton remains optimistic and focused on moving forward.

Summery :

– Clayton Echard denies being the father of unborn twins
– Claims that a paternity test confirms he is not the father
– Clayton expresses relief and thanks fans for support
– Anonymous woman disputes test results and states that testing is ongoing
– Clayton jokes about being falsely accused in the past and looks forward to moving on
– Clayton celebrates the news in the video and caption on Instagram.

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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