Clemson Wins Home Opener Against Charleston Southern, 66-17 – Clemson Tigers Official Athletics Site

Clemson kicked off their home opener with a sensational victory against Charleston Southern, winning 66-17. The Tigers showcased their dominance right from the start, leaving no room for their opponents to take control of the game.

The much-anticipated return of football to Clemson Memorial Stadium was met with sheer excitement from thousands of eager fans. As the game began, the Tigers’ players wasted no time in making their presence felt. Quarterback DJ Uiagalelei led the charge, showing off his exceptional skills as he marched the team down the field.

The Tigers’ offense exhibited an impressive performance, scoring touchdown after touchdown. Their explosive plays and well-executed strategies left Charleston Southern struggling to find a response. Clemson’s running back, Will Shipley, emerged as a rising star, registering multiple touchdowns and displaying his versatility.

Not to be outdone, the Tigers’ defense was equally impressive. With relentless pressure and strong tackles, they limited Charleston Southern’s opportunities and forced multiple turnovers.

Overall, the Clemson Tigers’ home opener was a decisive victory and a testament to their strength as a team. The win affirmed their status as a force to be reckoned with, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their next game.

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