In a shocking turn of events, AEW has released CM Punk from his contract following a physical altercation at the recent All In PPV event in London. The professional wrestling world has been abuzz with the news, as Punk’s departure leaves fans and wrestlers alike with many questions.

Details surrounding the ordeal are still emerging, but it is believed that the altercation involved another wrestler, whose identity is yet to be revealed. Witnesses recount a heated argument that escalated into a physical confrontation, prompting AEW management to swiftly intervene.

AEW officials have stated that the decision to release Punk was made “with cause,” indicating that the incident violated the terms of his contract. The promotion values a respectful and safe working environment for all its talent, ensuring that each wrestler feels comfortable and supported.

Punk’s departure from AEW is a significant blow to the promotion, as he has been one of the company’s marquee signings. Fans had eagerly anticipated his in-ring return after a lengthy hiatus. However, this incident seems to have irreparably damaged the relationship between Punk and AEW.

It remains to be seen where Punk’s wrestling career will take him next, but one thing is for certain – this shocking incident will forever be etched in the annals of professional wrestling history.

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