Connor Bedard has vehemently denied the baseless rumors that his former teammate, Corey Perry, slept with his mother. Bedard called the rumors “BS” and stated that they have had a negative impact on himself and his family. Perry, who was recently cut from the Blackhawks, released a statement apologizing for his “inappropriate and wrong” behavior. Bedard is not the only one to refute the allegations, as Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson and Perry himself have also denied the rumors. The hockey community has rallied around Bedard, with many expressing support for him in light of the unfounded speculation.

Summery :

– Connor Bedard denies rumors that his former teammate slept with his mom
– The Blackhawks superstar called the rumors “BS” and said they have affected his family
– Corey Perry, Blackhawks GM, and Connor Bedard all denied the allegations
– Questions from media about the rumors annoyed Bedard
– Perry was cut from the Blackhawks due to an “alcohol-infused incident” and has apologized

Image Credit : TMZ

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