California has introduced a new system called the “Ebony Alert” to report and locate missing Black children and women. This separate alert system, backed by State Senator Steven Bradford, aims to address the disproportionate number of missing Black individuals. However, the introduction of the Ebony Alert has sparked controversy, with some people viewing it as a form of segregation. Critics argue that separate alert systems based on race should not exist and that it could lead to authorities deciding how fast they want to respond to different races. There are also concerns that certain groups may choose to ignore Ebony Alerts altogether. Some individuals have questioned if there will be alerts for other races, proposing a “Juan Alert” for missing Hispanic people. This recent bill adds to the controversy surrounding Governor Gavin Newsom’s decision to ban Skittles in California, which has also received backlash.

Summery :

– California is introducing a new alert system called the “Ebony Alert” to report missing Black children and women.
– The alert system is separate from the Amber Alert and aims to encourage media coverage and involve local law enforcement in finding missing Black individuals.
– The “Ebony Alert” has faced backlash, with critics arguing that it perpetuates segregation and that authorities may respond at different speeds based on race.
– Some internet users have suggested the creation of similar alert systems for other races, such as the “Juan Alert” for Hispanic individuals.
– This controversial move by California lawmakers follows the recent signing of another contentious law, the “Skittles Ban,” which was criticized by Mario Lopez.

Image Credit : TMZ

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