Cruz Beckham Posh tattoo

Cruz Beckham, the 16-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham, recently got a new tattoo to honor his mother. The young Beckham decided to pay tribute to his fashion-forward mother by getting the word ‘Posh’ inked onto his collarbone.

Cruz, who already boasts a few tattoos, proudly showed off his new ink on social media, leaving fans in awe of his dedication to his stylish mom. The teenager’s choice of tattoo is a clear nod to his mother’s nickname ‘Posh’, which she earned during her time as a member of the iconic girl group, the Spice Girls.

While some might question Cruz’s decision to get inked at such a young age, it seems that his parents are supportive of his choice. David Beckham, himself a tattoo enthusiast, has always encouraged his children to express themselves as individuals.

Cruz’s ‘Posh’ tattoo joins his growing collection of body art, which includes a detailed eagle on his arm and a small angel on his wrist. Clearly, this young Beckham is determined to make his mark in more ways than one.

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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