Danny Masterson

In the classic TV show “That ’70s Show,” the character of Hyde, played by Danny Masterson, was a fan favorite. However, in the spin-off series “That ’90s Show,” viewers are left wondering: Where is Hyde?

Danny Masterson’s absence from the show is not due to any creative decision or storyline twist. It is actually attributed to real-life circumstances. In 2017, Masterson was accused of rape by multiple women, which led to his firing from the Netflix show “The Ranch.” Although the allegations are still ongoing in court, his absence from “That ’90s Show” is a direct result of the controversy surrounding him.

As of now, there is no official statement or explanation from the producers regarding Hyde’s absence. It is likely that the creators decided to avoid any controversy by omitting the character completely. The absence of Hyde leaves a noticeable gap in the show’s dynamic, but it also presents an opportunity for the other characters to take center stage and explore new storylines.

Ultimately, the absence of Danny Masterson and Hyde is a result of real-life circumstances that have impacted the show’s production and the character’s presence in “That ’90s Show.”

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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