‘The Creator’ Director Didn’t Tell Actors They Were Playing Robots –

In the recent episode of ‘Behind the Screen’ podcast by 20th Century Studios, director Gareth Edwards shared his thoughts on artificial intelligence (AI) and its role in the future of work. Contrary to popular belief, Edwards doesn’t think AI wants to take over human jobs. He believes that AI is an amazing tool that will disrupt many industries, much like previous technological advancements such as cars, electricity, and the internet. Edwards explained that while writing the screenplay for ‘The Creator,’ AI seemed like a distant concept, but as they delved deeper into the subject, the questions and implications of AI became more intriguing. The podcast also touched on the film’s production process and how the team managed to create stunning visual effects on a limited budget. To learn more, you can listen to the full podcast episode.

Summery :

– Director Gareth Edwards does not believe that AI wants to take human jobs.
– The film “The Creator” was written before AI became a central issue.
– The film explores questions about AI, such as what happens if they don’t do what humans want or if they resist being turned off.
– The film is set in 2070, but the director now thinks he should have chosen an earlier year.
– The film used an inventive production process to make it look more expensive than its $80 million budget.
– The production team filmed in multiple countries and Industrial Light & Magic reverse engineered the footage to create the design.
– The actors playing AI-driven bots did not use motion capture markers, and many performers didn’t know if they were playing a human or AI until halfway through the editing process.

Image Credit : The Hollywood Reporter

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