Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, the 52-year-old rapper, took to Instagram to express his grief over the death of his younger brother, Bing Worthington, at the age of 44. In a series of heartfelt tributes, Snoop shared photos and videos, reminiscing about the times they shared. Bing initially worked as Snoop’s roadie before taking on bigger roles, such as becoming his tour manager and co-founding a record label. Bing also left behind a musical legacy, having been part of a hip hop group called Lifestyle and working as an executive producer and writer on various music projects. His death comes shortly after Snoop’s daughter’s health scare, adding to the family’s grief. Despite the sadness, Snoop fondly remembers his brother and their time together.

Summery :

– Snoop Dogg confirmed the death of his brother Bing Worthington at the age of 44
– Bing had worked as a roadie for Snoop before moving on to bigger titles and ventures
– Bing also had musical talent and was involved in a hip hop group called Lifestyle and released an album
– He collaborated with Snoop Dogg on various projects and even co-founded a record label
– Bing’s death came after his niece’s health scare due to a severe stroke.

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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