In a recent episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast,” Joe Budden criticized Drake’s latest album, “For All the Dogs,” claiming that the rapper is trying to appeal to a younger audience. Budden believes that Drake should mature and stop pandering to the youth. He also criticized Drake for associating with YouTube streamers and younger rappers. In response, Drake fired back at Budden, accusing him of failing at music and leaving it behind for his current career. Drake’s response was filled with criticism and implied that Budden’s opinion on success and longevity is irrelevant. Budden later acknowledged that he may have gone overboard with his criticism. It seems that this feud is far from over.

Summery :

– Joe Budden criticizes Drake’s latest album, saying he is trying to appeal to the younger generation.
– Joe Budden suggests that Drake needs to grow up and stop pandering to the youth.
– Joe Budden also comments on Drake’s sex life, urging him to stop pursuing relationships with younger women.
– Drake fires back at Joe Budden, calling him a failure in the music industry who left it behind for his current pursuits.
– Drake further criticizes Joe Budden’s opinions and ideas on success and longevity.
– Joe Budden acknowledges that he may have gone too far in his criticism but suggests that the content will mature.

Image Credit : TMZ

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