Ed Sheeran Says He Wants to Be Buried at His Estate in New Interview

Ed Sheeran, the renowned singer-songwriter, recently made headlines for revealing his unconventional burial plans. In an interview with GQ Hype, Sheeran disclosed that he plans to be buried on his estate in England, although he clarified that it’s not a crypt but rather a simple hole in the ground with a stone covering. Understandably, some may find this idea morbid, but Sheeran explained that he witnessed friends pass away without wills, leaving their loved ones clueless about what to do. He built a chapel on his estate to mourn his loved ones and believes it’s a beautiful place for his children to remember him when he dies.
On a different note, Sheeran also discussed his latest album, Autumn Variations. He emphasized that this record isn’t intended for stadium tours but rather to be enjoyed at home on a tranquil evening. Sheeran wants to avoid any misunderstandings about the album’s purpose and hopes it will become a fan favorite over time.
When not focusing on his music career, Sheeran enjoys cooking with his wife, Cherry Seaborn. They prefer a mellow soundtrack for their culinary adventures, often listening to artists like Norah Jones and Jack Johnson. Sheeran acknowledged that his own hits like “Eraser,” “Castle on the Hill,” and “Shape of You” don’t quite fit the relaxed ambiance they seek.
In terms of his legacy, Sheeran believes that his song “Perfect” will be the one people remember him by in the future. This track has already amassed over 2.65 billion plays on Spotify, while his hit “Shape of You” has an impressive 3.64 billion plays. Sheeran gained fame with his 2011 album, +, which featured popular tracks like “Kiss Me” and “The A Team.”

Summery :

– Ed Sheeran plans to be buried at his estate in England, although he clarifies that it’s not necessarily a crypt.
– He built a chapel on his estate to grieve loved ones and wants to be buried there so his children can remember him.
– Ed released a new album called Autumn Variations, which he describes as a mellow album meant to be listened to at home, not in stadiums.
– He enjoys cooking with his wife Cherry Seaborn and they listen to Norah Jones and Jack Johnson while they prepare meals.
– Ed believes that the song “Perfect” will be the one he is remembered for in the future.

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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