Formula E, the world’s premier electric street racing series, has broken a Guinness World Record with its jaw-dropping new top speed of 218 kmph (or 135 mph) achieved indoors. The impressive feat was achieved at the ExCeL arena in London, where the race car zoomed through a specially constructed track.

Breaking the Guinness World Record is a significant achievement for Formula E, as it highlights the incredible speed and performance capabilities of electric vehicles. With concerns about climate change and the shift towards sustainable transportation, this milestone emphasizes the potential of electric cars in the future of racing and everyday driving.

The exhilarating speed was achieved by the new Gen2 EVO Formula E car, which features advanced technologies and cutting-edge engineering. The vehicle is powered by a combination of battery power and regenerative braking, offering high performance while also reducing carbon emissions. This record-breaking attempt showcases the continuous development of electric propulsion systems and their ability to compete on a global stage.

The track at the ExCeL arena was specifically designed to push the limits of the electric race car. It featured a series of tight turns and challenging corners, putting the driver’s skills and the vehicle’s handling capabilities to the test. The successful completion of this race demonstrates the extraordinary maneuverability and agility of the Formula E car.

Formula E has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable racing since its inception in 2014. It serves as a platform for manufacturers and technology companies to develop innovative solutions that can be applied to electric cars used in everyday life. This remarkable achievement not only sets a new record but also strengthens the case for electric vehicles and their place in the future of motorsports.

As Formula E continues to push boundaries and break records, it is clear that the electric racing series is playing a crucial role in driving technological advancements in the automotive industry. With each new achievement, Formula E is raising the bar for electric vehicles and encouraging a shift towards cleaner and more sustainable transportation.