Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, recently voiced his criticism of a California bill aimed at addressing transgender children in family court. In a Twitter post, Musk slammed the proposed legislation, arguing that it represents government overreach and undermines parental rights.

The bill, known as SB 357, seeks to ensure that family court judges are educated about issues related to gender identity and expression. It aims to provide a better understanding of transgender children to ensure fair and informed decisions in custody and visitation disputes. However, Musk believes that this legislation goes too far and infringes upon the rights of parents to make decisions for their own children.

Musk’s comments have sparked a debate among his followers and advocates for transgender rights. While some argue that it is necessary to have knowledgeable judges, others share his concerns about government intervention in personal matters.

As the issue continues to ignite conversation, it remains to be seen how this bill will progress and whether Musk’s criticism will influence its fate.

Summery :

– Elon Musk criticizes the new California bill that requires judges to weigh which parent is better affirming their kids’ gender during a divorce.
– Musk describes the bill as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and claims that disagreeing with the other parent about sterilizing a child could result in losing custody.
– The bill adds gender affirmation as a criteria for determining custody in family court cases.
– Elon Musk has a transgender child and blames the California school system for turning her against him.
– Musk believes his child has been brainwashed by “woke” ideology and now embraces Marxist/Communist views.
– Elon Musk shares custody of six of his children, including his transgender child.
– The bill is awaiting Governor Newsom’s signature, and it is likely to become a law.

Image Credit : TMZ

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