Playing sports can officially help you succeed at work - especially for women

As elite sports careers can end at a young age, sports stars like Venus and Serena Williams, Magic Johnson and George Foreman have transitioned into successful business careers. They recognized that they need something lined up for when their sports career ends. A global study by EY and espnW found that 94% of female executives have a background in sports and over half participated at university levels. Additionally, a new study by Deloitte found that women who played competitive sports in their youth are more likely to be in leadership or management roles. Sports teach essential workplace skills such as communication, teamwork, goal-setting, strategy, and resilience. Just like an athlete, employees need to be clear on their goals and have the confidence to keep going. Increased visibility of women’s sports has inspired young girls to get involved themselves, contributing to gender balance. Playing sports has a positive impact on leadership and management roles in the business sector.

Summery :

– Many successful sports stars have transitioned into business, recognizing the need to have something lined up after their sports careers end.
– Women in leadership roles are often involved in sports and attribute their skills and success to their athletic background.
– Sports teach skills like competition, communication, teamwork, resilience, goal-setting, and strategy that are applicable in the workplace.
– Women can contribute to gender balance in sports and showcase their experience in sports on their CV when applying for a new role.
– There are currently job openings in business development, software engineering, and sales.

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