Despite Acclaim Euro Art House Films Struggle  –

The European Film Awards (EFAs) have announced their nominees for 2023, showcasing the best movies of the year across Europe. The five best picture nominees include a diverse range of films, from legal thrillers to refugee dramas and romantic comedies. However, despite the quality of European cinema, the industry is facing challenges in finding its audience and staying relevant. Box office revenue in Europe has bounced back, but European films are struggling to compete with Hollywood productions. Additionally, the lack of pan-European distribution is hindering the success of these movies. To address these issues, the EFAs will be changing their dates and positioning themselves strategically between the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards to enhance visibility and promotion for European films.

Summery :

– The nominees for the 2023 European Film Awards are some of the best movies of the year
– The quality of the EFAs goes deep, including first-time filmmakers
– European cinema is struggling to find its audience
– Box office across Europe has bounced back, but local industry is worrying that Hollywood-backed films are taking the top spots
– European movies are struggling to translate success across EU borders due to lack of distribution
– The EFAs will be changing their dates in order to boost their own profile and benefit by giving the winners more visibility and better promotion leading into the Oscars.

Image Credit : The Hollywood Reporter

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