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Ather Energy, the Indian electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has recently collaborated with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) to expand the EV charging network across India. This partnership aims to provide easier access to fast and reliable charging facilities for EV users in the country.

Under this collaboration, Ather Energy will set up EV charging points at select BPCL fuel stations in major cities across India. These stations will be equipped with Ather Grid – Ather Energy’s intelligent charging infrastructure. This collaboration will not only help in boosting the adoption of EVs but will also address the issue of charging infrastructure availability, which has been a major concern for EV users.

Ather Energy, known for its innovative and technologically advanced electric scooters, aims to provide a seamless charging experience for its customers. With the collaboration with BPCL, Ather Energy will be able to offer fast charging facilities at convenient locations, ensuring that EV users can charge their vehicles without any hassle or range anxiety.

With the rapidly growing EV market in India, this collaboration will play a significant role in encouraging more people to switch to electric vehicles. The strategic partnership between Ather Energy and BPCL will not only enhance the charging infrastructure but will also promote sustainable transportation and reduce carbon emissions.

The expansion of the EV charging network across India is a crucial step towards building a sustainable future. This collaboration between Ather Energy and BPCL marks an important milestone in the development and growth of EVs in the country. It is expected to make a positive impact on the adoption of electric vehicles and contribute towards a cleaner environment for future generations.