Former “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham is making it known that she’s living her best life and wants to keep the drama out of her family and dating life. Despite some negative comments and calls for Child Protective Services to get involved, Farrah insists that she is in a great place as a single parent to her 14-year-old daughter Sophia. She has also taken a swipe at her former costar, Jenelle Evans, suggesting that her home life is not as stable and happy as her own. Farrah is determined to keep her focus on her family and her new relationship, and refuses to entertain any similar distress in her own life.

Summery :

– Farrah Abraham feels she is in a better place in life than her former co-star Jenelle Evans and is not throwing shade while throwing shade
– Farrah says she has worked hard to become a great single parent, while suggesting that Jenelle has not done the same
– Farrah posted videos and photos of her new boyfriend, prompting negative comments and concerns about the welfare of her daughter, which Jenelle also expressed on social media
– Farrah says CPS calls have devastated her and she wants to keep them out of her family and dating dynamics
– Farrah implies that life at home with her daughter Sophia is better than Jenelle’s, as Jenelle has had family drama including concerns about her son’s well-being
– Farrah has made it clear that she is not entertaining any similar distress among her loved ones

Image Credit : TMZ

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