Recently, Florence Pugh experienced an unexpected incident while on stage in Brazil. At the CCXP 2023 event, where they discussed the forthcoming sequel ‘Dune 2’ in front of fans, Pugh and her costars were posing together on stage when an object came flying in from the audience and hit her. It caught everyone by surprise, and the cast members gathered around to make sure she was okay. This troubling trend of hurling objects at performers continues, and it’s not just happening in the US. It’s a concerning situation where performers have to take cover as objects are being thrown without any regard for who they might hit.

Summery :

– Florence Pugh and other “Dune 2” stars were at an event in Brazil
– Pugh was hit in the face with an object while onstage
– The incident occurred during a group photo with the cast
– It is unclear what the object was
– Security did not seem to intervene
– The incident is part of a troubling trend of throwing objects at performers

Image Credit : TMZ

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