In a thrilling turn of events, Florida State has risen to the fourth spot while Colorado and Duke have made their way into the rankings for Week 2 of the AP Top 25. These teams have showcased their prowess and left a lasting impression on college football fans all over the country.

Florida State’s impressive performance in their first game of the season against Notre Dame catapulted them from a preseason ranking of No. 9 to the fourth position. Their dominant display, led by their resilient defensive unit, silenced any doubts about their capability.

On the other hand, Colorado and Duke made their presence felt after earning victories against formidable opponents. Colorado stunned Texas A&M with a comeback win, showcasing their resilience and making a strong case for their inclusion in the rankings. Duke, too, left their mark by defeating Northwestern in an impressive fashion, displaying their potential for a season filled with successes.

As the college football season progresses, these teams have set high expectations for themselves and have proven that they are capable of challenging the top-ranked teams. Their remarkable starts have ignited the excitement among fans and experts, adding further anticipation to what promises to be an enthralling Week 2 of college football.

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