In a recent interview, a former Secret Service agent who was present during the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has refuted the controversial “magic bullet” theory. The theory, popularized by the Warren Commission’s investigation, suggests that a single bullet was able to cause multiple wounds to both Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally.

The agent, whose identity remains confidential, claims that based on his firsthand experience and expertise, the magic bullet theory is simply not feasible. He explains that the trajectory and velocity required for the bullet to cause the extensive damage observed in both victims would have been nearly impossible.

Furthermore, he notes inconsistencies in the official account of events, such as the timing of the shots and the positioning of Kennedy and Connally in relation to the alleged shooter. These discrepancies further cast doubt on the validity of the magic bullet theory.

The agent’s revelation brings renewed attention to the numerous conspiracy theories surrounding Kennedy’s assassination. As we continue to uncover new evidence and hear from credible sources, it is crucial to question the official narrative and seek the truth about this tragic event that forever changed the course of American history.

Summery :

– Secret Service agent Paul Landis disputes the magic bullet theory in the JFK assassination
– Landis recalls that the first bullet to hit JFK was not the same one to hit Gov. Connally
– The Warren Commission’s conclusion of Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone shooter was based partly on the magic bullet theory
– Landis claims he recovered the first sniper bullet and threw it on Kennedy’s stretcher, where it may have ended up in Connally’s stretcher
– Landis’s account supports the idea of a second shooter, which conspiracy theorists have long proposed
– The magic bullet theory has been widely criticized and even spoofed on “Seinfeld”
– Landis admits to doubting his previous belief in Oswald acting alone

Image Credit : TMZ

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