FOX Sports has been accumulating an immense amount of video footage over the past three decades. Millions of hours of sports-related content are stored within vast archives, and the process of sorting through this footage to produce new content has been both arduous and time-consuming. However, a recent collaboration with Google Cloud has drastically changed this process. Through Google Cloud’s generative AI technology, FOX Sports can now swiftly sift through and analyze vast amounts of archived content, finding specific pieces quickly and efficiently. This transformation in the production process has allowed FOX Sports to enhance the viewer experience, keeping the audience engaged and entertained with cutting-edge technology.

Summery :

– FOX Sports has partnered with Google Cloud to use AI technology to efficiently sift through millions of hours of sports-related content in their archives
– The technology allows for quick ingestion and analysis of content, as well as easy search by commentary and other criteria
– The automation of this process is expected to have a positive and long-lasting impact on FOX Sports’ daily workflow and content production
– The use of AI technology helps FOX Sports stay on the cutting edge and provide the best possible viewing experiences for its audience

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