Fran Drescher Re-Elected SAG-AFTRA President –


– Fran Drescher and Joely Fisher have been re-elected as president and secretary-treasurer, respectively, of SAG-AFTRA.
– Drescher received 23,080 votes, while Fisher received 19,777 votes.
– The voter turnout was 22.84 percent.
– Drescher expressed optimism for the next two years and emphasized unity within the union.
– Fisher highlighted the need for unity and promised a decent contract for members.
– Drescher was vocal during the strike, criticizing the entertainment industry and Disney CEO Bob Iger.
– Two political factions within SAG-AFTRA united behind Drescher and Fisher, aiming to address key issues in contract negotiations.
– They were pitted against independent candidates, who called for mediators and intervention from California Gov. Gavin Newsom.
– The AMPTP and SAG-AFTRA have not returned to the bargaining table since mid-July.
– SAG-AFTRA is granting interim agreements to some productions that agree to their demands, while a potential video games strike is looming.

Fran Drescher Re-Elected SAG-AFTRA President – A Triumph for the Entertainment Industry

In an exciting development for the entertainment industry, Fran Drescher has been re-elected as president of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). Drescher, known for her iconic role as Fran Fine in the hit TV series “The Nanny,” has been an active member of the organization for years. With her re-election, she not only secures her position as a prominent representative for actors but also brings a fresh perspective to the table.

Drescher’s journey to the presidency has been an inspiring one. Her passion for advocacy, coupled with her extensive experience in the industry, has made her a strong contender. During her first term, Drescher focused on various key issues such as fair pay, workplace safety, and improving diversity in the entertainment world. Under her leadership, SAG-AFTRA has made significant strides in these areas.

One of the notable achievements of Drescher’s tenure has been her commitment to fair pay for all actors. She has actively campaigned for negotiation transparency and has fought to ensure that all members receive appropriate compensation for their hard work. By addressing this issue head-on, Drescher aims to create a more equitable and inclusive industry, where actors of all backgrounds have equal opportunities.

Workplace safety has also been a top priority for Drescher. She understands the crucial need for ensuring a safe and respectful work environment for all actors, free from any form of harassment or discrimination. By implementing stronger regulations and protocols, Drescher has played a significant role in making the entertainment industry a safer place.

In her re-election campaign, Drescher emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusion within SAG-AFTRA. She firmly believes that every voice deserves to be heard, and every story deserves to be told. By promoting diversity in casting decisions and industry practices, Drescher is actively working toward a more inclusive entertainment landscape.

Fran Drescher’s re-election as SAG-AFTRA president is undoubtedly a triumph for the entertainment industry. With her visionary leadership, commitment to fairness, and passion for representing actors, she is set to make remarkable contributions. As the industry continues to evolve, Drescher’s presidency promises to bring about positive change and to pave the way for a brighter future for all actors.

Image Credit : The Hollywood Reporter

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