The release of the long-anticipated ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ trailer was marred by a leak a full day before its scheduled debut. The leak, which rapidly spread online, has caused a scramble by Rockstar Games to remove the video from the internet. The leaked trailer featured a minute and a half of content, showcasing new characters, side roles, and maps that fans can expect in the new installment. Despite efforts to remove the leaked content, screengrabs continue to circulate, revealing high-tech features within the game. Although the official release of the game is not until 2025, fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of ‘GTA 6’ after a decade-long wait.

Summery :

– The highly-anticipated ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ trailer was leaked a day early
– The leaked trailer was a minute and a half long and featuring new characters and maps
– Rockstar Games is working to remove the leaked video and release it on their own terms
– Screen grabs from the trailer are circulating online
– The game won’t be released until 2025, so fans will have to wait a while longer

Image Credit : TMZ

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