Greta Gerwig, the acclaimed writer-director, has recently revealed that she is already working on her next film project. However, she has expressed her apprehension and the challenges she is facing in the writing process. Speaking at the London Film Festival, Gerwig admitted that she is having recurring nightmares about the project. Although she did not provide any specific details about the film, it is clear that it will be a departure from her recent blockbuster, “Barbie.” Gerwig’s previous work has mostly been in the indie film realm, suggesting that she may be venturing into more intense and dramatic territory with her upcoming project.

Summery :

– Greta Gerwig is working on her next movie, but it won’t be like “Barbie”
– She revealed this during an interview at the London Film Festival
– She mentioned feeling apprehensive and having recurring nightmares about the writing process
– Some have interpreted her remarks as dread over re-entering the writing process
– It is unlikely that she is referring to “Barbie 2” as there has been no news of a sequel yet
– “Barbie” was light-hearted and successful, while Gerwig’s previous work has been indie
– This suggests that Gerwig might be tackling heavier subject matter in her next film.

Image Credit : TMZ

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