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In the latest episode of “The Kardashians,” Kim Kardashian opens up about her feelings towards Tristan Thompson. While Khloé Kardashian has chosen not to get back together with him, the KarJenners have kept him in their inner circle. Kim acknowledges that while Tristan has made mistakes, he has been a great friend and father to her four children. She appreciates how he stepped up to help her with her kids and defended her, especially during her struggles with her ex-husband, Kanye West. Khloé and Tristan share a commitment to co-parenting their children and taking care of Tristan’s disabled little brother, Amari. Despite their ups and downs, they have established a healthy co-parenting relationship. New episodes of “The Kardashians” can be watched on Hulu.

Summery :

– Kim Kardashian acknowledges that Tristan Thompson was not faithful as a boyfriend.
– Despite his actions, Kim considers him a good friend and father to her children.
– Tristan has been supportive and helpful with Kim and her kids, stepping up when she struggled.
– Khloé Kardashian and Tristan co-parent their two children together and also take care of Tristan’s disabled brother.
– Amari, Tristan’s brother, is in a “scary place” health-wise due to severe epilepsy.
– Khloé and Tristan’s relationship has had its challenges, including Tristan’s cheating scandal.
– They have established a healthy co-parenting relationship.
– New episodes of The Kardashians air on Thursdays on Hulu.

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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