Fair Play, a new film streaming on Netflix, initially appears to be a tame erotic drama about a couple keeping their engagement a secret. However, it quickly transforms into a gripping and intense thriller that delves into power dynamics and fractured egos. The movie follows Luke and Emily, a finance power couple who both work as analysts at a ruthless hedge fund. When a coveted position opens up, Emily unexpectedly receives the offer, causing tension and resentment to build in their relationship. Fair Play expertly explores the clash between their public and private lives, making for a thrilling and thought-provoking watch. The film’s lead performances are fearless and captivating, leaving a lasting impact on viewers. Despite a few minor flaws, Fair Play is an engaging and compelling film that showcases the talent of its writer-director, Chloe Domont.

Summery :

– “Fair Play” is a streaming film on Netflix.
– It starts off as an erotic drama about a finance power couple keeping their engagement a secret, but evolves into a thrilling story about fractured egos and power dynamics.
– The film is gripping and maintains a sense of free fall, with fearless lead performances.
– The story follows Luke and Emily, a couple who work at the same ruthless hedge fund.
– Emily is unexpectedly offered a coveted position that Luke was rumored to be next in line for, causing tension in their relationship.
– The film explores the clash between their personal and professional lives and the secrecy that threatens their careers.
– The cinematography and direction occasionally feel amateurish in the first half, but the intensity ramps up as the story progresses.
– The film comments on the toxic nature of the corporate world, particularly for women.
– The characters of Luke and Emily are primarily defined by their jobs and their relationship with each other.
– Alden Ehrenreich’s performance as Luke is particularly remarkable, building tension and suspense.
– The sound design enhances the film’s intensity.
– “Fair Play” is thrilling and disarming in its portrayal of a crumbling relationship and blurred power dynamics.

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