In the world of hip-hop, beef between artists is not an uncommon occurrence. However, the latest feud between Ja Rule and 50 Cent has taken an unexpected turn. It all started during a recent performance by Ja Rule when he became frustrated with a fan and threw his microphone into the crowd. Unfortunately for Ja Rule, that mic ended up hitting none other than 50 Cent.

Now, instead of resorting to the usual social media battles, the two artists are taking their grievances to court. Ja Rule took to Twitter to taunt 50 Cent, writing, “Enjoy the lawsuits!” This statement suggests that Ja Rule is not afraid to face legal consequences for his actions.

Regardless of the outcome of these lawsuits, it is clear that tensions are escalating between Ja Rule and 50 Cent. While fans may enjoy the drama from the sidelines, it is important to remember that these are real people with real consequences. Let’s hope that this feud can be resolved peacefully and without further harm.

Summery :

– Ja Rule is mocking 50 Cent for throwing a microphone at a radio host’s head.
– Ja compiled clips on Instagram, including footage of 50’s performance and the radio host’s injuries.
– Ja taunted 50 about potential criminal charges and lawsuits.
– 50 is a suspect in a felony battery case opened by the LAPD.
– 50’s lawyer claims the potential charge is ridiculous, but Ja finds it funny.
– The radio host, Bryhana, was injured and blacked out after the incident.
– Ja Rule and 50 Cent have been feuding for over 20 years.

Image Credit : TMZ

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