Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams suffered a concussion during the team’s recent win against the New York Giants. Adams was attempting to tackle Giants quarterback Daniel Jones when his helmet made contact with Jones’ knee, resulting in the concussion. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll expressed optimism that Adams would be back in time for the team’s next game against the Cincinnati Bengals after the upcoming bye week. Adams was visibly affected by the hit and was evaluated in the team’s medical tent before being ruled out for the rest of the game. Carroll mentioned that Adams had been arguing with a neurotrauma consultant in the tent. It is unclear if someone outside the team had influenced his decision-making.

Summery :

– Seattle Seahawks safety, Jamal Adams, suffered a concussion during a game against the New York Giants.
– The concussion occurred when Adams attempted to tackle Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and Jones’ knee made contact with Adams’ helmet.
– Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll, expects Adams to be back after the team’s upcoming bye week to play against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 6.
– Carroll expressed confidence that Adams will be fine and that the concussion is just a temporary setback.
– Adams looked woozy and had to be evaluated in Seattle’s blue tent before being taken to the locker room.
– It was reported that Adams was arguing with a medical professional while in the tent, but the details are unclear.
– Adams was eventually ruled out for the remainder of the game due to the concussion.

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