Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the former child star of “Home Improvement,” has been spotted out in public after disappearing from the limelight for nearly a decade. In a recent sighting in Southern California, Thomas was seen running errands and looked almost unrecognizable compared to his childhood days. The last time he was seen in public was during the COVID pandemic, where he was spotted walking his dog. Thomas had previously opened up about taking a break from fame and not wanting it to define him. Fans of the ’90s icon are excited to see him out and about, and are hopeful that he is enjoying his time away from Hollywood.

Summery :

– Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who disappeared from public life for a long time, was seen out in public in SoCal
– He looks almost unrecognizable compared to his childhood
– He no longer wants fame to define him
– He was last seen in public during COVID walking his dog
– It’s a good time of year to watch his classic holiday films and other treasures from the ’90s

Image Credit : TMZ

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