Julia Roberts Says She Passed on ‘You’ve Got Mail’ But Has No Regrets –

Julia Roberts recently revealed that there is a beloved film she passed on, during an appearance on an episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. Although she doesn’t have any regrets about missing out on the role, she mentioned that the film “You’ve Got Mail” is one that she passed on and went on to be great. Meg Ryan ended up starring in the 1998 flick with Tom Hanks. Roberts also mentioned that not getting roles is part of the job and shared examples of roles she lucked into due to other actresses not being able to take on the part. She also expressed interest in a potential sequel for her film “My Best Friend’s Wedding.”

Summery :

– Julia Roberts revealed that she passed on the opportunity to star in the movie “You’ve Got Mail”
– She explained that not getting roles is part of the job and mentioned other roles that she got instead of other actresses
– Roberts expressed interest in a sequel to the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and said she believes her character should have ended up with the lead male character in the original film

Image Credit : The Hollywood Reporter

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