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Julianne Hough asked for prayers for her sister-in-law, Hayley Erbert, who underwent an emergency craniectomy following a burst blood vessel. In a heartfelt plea on Instagram, Julianne requested love, healing, and light for Hayley and her brother Derek. The couple had married in a lavish ceremony in Carmel, California, with Julianne and their family in attendance. Known for their close-knit bond, Julianne expressed her love for Hayley, referring to her as her “sissy” in a heartwarming Instagram post. The Houghs’ strong family ties and the outpouring of support from friends and fans reflect the love and positivity surrounding Hayley’s recovery.

Summery :

– Julianne Hough asked for prayers for her brother Derek’s wife Hayley Erbert, who had an emergency craniectomy
– Hayley Erbert was hospitalized with a cranial hematoma after becoming disoriented
– Derek and Hayley married in August and are supported by Julianne and their close-knit family
– Julianne and Hayley have a close relationship, with Julianne referring to Hayley as her “sissy”

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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