Kanye West is making headlines once again, but this time it’s not about his music or controversial tweets. The iconic rapper and fashion mogul has decided to take legal action against an Instagram page after some unreleased music was leaked without his permission. West is known for his perfectionism when it comes to his artistic creations, and he rarely shares his work before it’s ready to be released to the public. However, an Instagram page managed to acquire some of his unreleased tracks and decided to share them with their followers. This infuriated Kanye, and he promptly filed a lawsuit against the individual, claiming copyright infringement. While leaking music may seem harmless, it is a serious offense in the industry, as it not only violates the artist’s control over their own work but also has the potential to negatively impact their commercial success. Kanye West’s decision to sue sends a clear message that artists’ creative endeavors should be respected and protected, regardless of the platform they choose to share their work on.

Summery :

– Kanye West is suing an Instagram account called @DaUnreleasedGod for leaking his unreleased music.
– He believes that the person behind the account has violated a confidentiality agreement they had with him.
– Kanye plans to amend the lawsuit with the names of the individuals once he learns their identity.
– Since March 2023, there have been 21 leaks of Kanye’s music on the IG account and 11 on the same Twitter handle.
– The leaked songs include potential collaborations with DJ Khaled and DaBaby, as well as unreleased tracks from the “Donda” and “Jesus Is King” albums.
– Kanye played new music for Steve Lacy on his own terms while in Ireland.
– This legal action may potentially delay Kanye’s rumored musical comeback.

Image Credit : TMZ

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